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Helping driven individuals lose 15+ lbs, build muscle and achieve a warrior mindset in 12 weeks!

What is the Militant vegan

Coach Steve Hess created the Militant Vegan along his journey in search of optimal health. Steve became a vegan seven years ago and has been meat-free for the last 16 years. The Militant Vegan caters to driven individuals who want a better quality of life. We seek to improve our client’s lives through a mindful diet, progressive training programs, and the right mindset.

Body & Mind Mastery

Accountability, Reliability, Honesty =Results. The Militant Vegan will TEACH you how to eat, train, and mindset your way to a lifestyle filled with vitality and health. At the end of our program, you will have an excellent foundation to master your body.

Discover the 5 step method our clients use to drop 15+ lbs, build muscle and ditch the flab for good in 12 weeks!

Let’s face it; if you’re like most people, your diet is a constant struggle. How much do I eat, when do I eat, and what I should eat are common questions. We take an intuitive approach to TEACH you proper nutrition to solve your problem for good. You will learn to structure your diet according to your goals and know how to adjust should your plans change. People tend to make dieting harder than what it is, and many of our clients say it isn’t as hard as I thought once they gain knowledge.

Top 10 Nutrition Tips

Proper Nutrition Is The Key To Your Health