Saturday, September 14, 2013

Disconnecting "Disconnected"

   I know I harp a lot on the psyche of non-vegans. "How can they do that? What are they thinking?" I ask as I see all these awful things that are done to animals. I think I'm so obsessed with it because I'm looking for some logical, clear, understandable reason people make the choice to ignore all the suffering and to actually take part in it. The mental process of non-vegans is just a sad mystery and I'm always hoping for answers.

   Well, I still quite understand them. But I do have a new realization. I've used the word "disconnect" before to describe the relationship most people have with animals. But I'm really beginning to think that word is a glossing-over of people's willful participation in the cruelty. It's more than a "disconnect"; it's a thought-out choice to not change one's lifestyle and eating habits... or to intentionally inflict harm on animals. It's a choice to not care or to care so little that you don't feel a change in behavior is necessary.

   This week, PETA (related note: not every animal rights supporter is a member of PETA and not every one agrees with every tactic of PETA) released pictures (and video, I think) of animals being tortured by the NFL's experiments to learn more about concussions. [On a side note, here's what the NFL will find: concussions are bad and helmets should be stronger... or people should stop colliding into each other to entertain the public at large.] Anyway... what I specifically saw was a still picture of a rat (alive, I think) with a large metal pole of some kind smashing down into its head, trapping it in place against a metal table or apparatus of some kind. Apparently, this is just one of numerous animals injured or killed for this "experiment." Just like using live animals in crash tests for cars. WTF?

   This is NOT a "disconnect." This is a consortium of sick fucks who choose to torture animals and either get some sort of pleasure from it or decide their monetary gain from the experiments is worth more than the lives of other living, breathing animals. Do we go around describing serial killers as having a "disconnect" and simply shrugging our shoulders? No. We imprison them or fry them. As we should do with anyone who conducts "experiments" like this.
   So, I've decided that I will not use the word "disconnected" as a way of giving non-vegans a "get out of jail free" card. They deserve to be called what they are: cowards.


  1. I believe the argument many of these individuals use is that saving human lives is more valuable to harming animals to further this goal.
    when it comes to the NFL, it's a ridiculous argument.. When it comes to crash test safety for vehicles, it's a much less ridiculous argument. (of course this depends on your opinion of the relative value of human and animal lives, and the numbers. E.g. if killing a dozen animals in crash tests can potentially save hundreds of human lives it starts getting more complicated)

    As far as the market for meat (and or dairy and or egg products) goes, the argument can also be made (and i'm not saying i necessarily ascribe to such logic) that from a biological perspective (i.e. the purpose of life is to propogate itself), the industry for meat has made the cow and the chicken (and the pig) some of the most 'successful' organisms on the planet. It's almost as though their evolutionary plan for biological success is being delicious. Actually - in the case of the cow - being eaten is part of their model of evolution (the same can be said for any herding animal)

    As for me, i choose to consume meat (though i rarely, if ever, wear direct animal products as clothing - preferring cheaper, more comfortable natural or synthetic fibers), not from a lack of caring - but from a lack of caring towards, mainly, cows and chickens. I could go on quite a diatribe about why. but i'll leave that for another time.
    I have spent time as a vegetarian, and briefly as a vegan, but i simply can't bring myself to find any solid, valid reason to abandon the consumption of cow and chicken meat. They are violent simplistic creatures that, were we to abandon raising them and feeding on them today, would suffer mass starvation and (in many regions) extinction (at least a drastic decrease in their global numbers).
    the consumption of pig flesh is a different story, considering their considerably higher congitive functioning.

    but quite simply - eff the cow. vile violent creatures.
    Sorry if this sounds callous.

    Finally - our evolutionary imperative is to thrive at the expense of all other living organisms. We're not meant to create a balance. life spreads. it consumes. it wants one thing, to be successful in the spread of its species genes, hell it's individuals genes. Our basic evolutionary directive is to consume this planet until it's a barren rock, find a way off of it, and move on to the next one.
    Of course we've been gifted with the ability to reason outside of this, and frankly - my personal opinion is that our exploitation of animals is... excessive. But it all comes down to money. Unfortunately, while i will agree that the world would be a better place with the adoption of veganism, and the abandonment of animal exploitation (at least in the developed world.... it's an unrealistic and cruel expectation to place on the developing world as it would limit their already difficult struggle to simply survive - it's a luxury they don't have) there are so many systemic problems that would have to be prevented. Animal cruelty rose significantly with the advent of large corporations, animal testing, factory farms.... but they're not going away unless more drastic changes are made..... And do you think that's going to change just because of a grass roots vegan movement? There will always be something to exploit.
    (not to mention the masses of small animals that are killed in fruit and vegetable farming..... If factory farms all moved from animal production to fruit grain legume and vegetable production, nearly as many living things (animals included) would die. through the use of machinery, pestisides, and simply to eliminate anything in the way of profit.

    Also, don't you think guilting people into seeing things your way is a little.... manipulative?

    1. Vegans are nothing but limp wristed liberal faggots, the only meat they eat is dick. They have no trouble killing/torturing humans who dont agree with them but harm an animal and watch out!

    2. Thanks for adding such deep thought and introspection to the argument. It's a wonder you're not at Harvard.


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